One of the challenges of being a working individual is eating healthy at work. With the time allotted to travelling to work and work itself, proper meal preparation is neglected. People oftentimes just turn to processed and fast food for their baon or office meals. These unhealthy eating habits can lead to risks of developing conditions or diseases that might affect productivity and attendance at work.

We at Fitness Gourmet believe that healthy, fit and stress-free people are more focused and energized, thus more productive. One of our missions is to provide working individuals with healthier meals at the convenience of their workplaces.

With our meal plans, we can help you eat right at work and maintain a healthier lifestyle. Plus, eating healthy is better and more enjoyable if the people around you also do. Good thing we are now accepting group and corporate meal plan subscription.

+ Who can avail of the corporate meal plans?

For a minimum of five (5) individuals, you and your friends or officemates can already subscribe to our meal plans. The more, the merrier the discounts and perks!

+ What are included in the meal plans?

Group or corporate meals include:

  • Individual meal plans as ordered
  • FREE Delivery at the office
  • Nutritional consultation before and during the program by our Registered Nutritionist-Dietitian (RND)
  • Up to 10% DISCOUNT on total billing*
  • FREE subscription for up to 2 pax weekly *
  • Quarterly nutritional talks by our RND on agreed corporate events*
  • FREE healthy snack booth set-up with RND consultation on one (1) event every year*

* NOTE: Discounts and other inclusions differ on the packages availed by a group or the company

+ How to order?

To order and for further inquiries, email us at order@fitnessgourmetph.com or call or text at 0917-123-1194 and our Corporate Marketing Coordinator would be happy to send you a proposal.